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RunSocial’s mission is simple

To make indoor fitness more fun.

RunSocial’s new 3D mobile app lets you run with friends and fellow running junkies alike inside HD video of amazing real world locations in real time. And they can see you too. This is just the beginning. Soon, you and thousands more will be able to train for and take part in exciting running events, all over the world, live from your favorite treadmill.

RunSocial is an iPad / iPhone app (other devices will follow) that's designed to work with your existing indoor cardio kit. Our initial focus is the treadmill but folks can use it for any exercise if you don't mind inputting your own speed.

Free iPad and iPhone download available on the App Store.

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RunSocial Mobile App RunSocial Mobile App RunSocial is an iPhone/iPad app that is the arch-nemesis of treadmill boredom. Get an outdoor feel from the comfort of home. Who wouldn’t want to explore new landscapes and remote destinations during their daily work out?Learn more »
PaofitGrip PaofitGrip An iPad holder designed to let you place your tablet on the console of any exercise machine, big or small. Learn more »
TreadTracker TreadTracker Accurately measures the speed of any treadmill and streams this data to the RunSocial app via Bluetooth. Learn more »